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Our philosophy

No theme around offers such a wide range of customization options.
The7 allows you to customize almost every aspect of its appearance
via handy theme options panel.

We are good at

Marketing & PR
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The7 is perfectly scalable, SEO optimized, responsive, retina ready WordPress theme.
It will fit every site – big or small. From huge portals to studio or personal sites –
this theme will become a great foundation for your next project!

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SEO Optimized

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Customizable Design

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Fully Responsive

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Regular Updates

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No theme around offers such a wide range of customization options.
The7 allows you to customize almost every aspect of its appearance
via handy theme options panel.

Paint Shop
Pacific Coast
Vintage company
Authentic Collection
Ransom & Wilder
The Saviour
Steak House
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The7 has everything you need to create a perfect portfolio: from common masonry & grid layouts
to fullscreen image scrollers with a wide range of appearance & navigation settings.

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The7 has lots of templates & shortcodes to display any kind of content:
team members, testimonials, logos, blog post etc.


Create the site You’ll be proud of without touching a single line of code.
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