Cures Infection Rapidly & Swiftly   Rx IN: In Stye, Acute Dacrocystities. Orbital Cellulities. To prevent post-operative Infection in Eye Surgery. Chronic Bronchities. Community Acquired Pneumonia. Acute Sinusitis. Skin & Soft Tissue infection. Complicated U.T.I. Surgical Infection.


LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN: Reduces the risk of Armed significantly than Patients having lower amount.   LYCOPENE: Protects blood flow to Ciliary Body, Retina and choroid.   METHYLCOBALAMIN: Protects Retinal Neurons Against Glutamate Induced Neurotoxicity lover potential lethal Homocysteine Levels in the eye. Helps in arresting the progression of Degenerative eye diseases, like Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma…


NON-STERODIAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUG (NSAID):   Effective analgesic & anti-inflammatory effect post cataract surgery. Minimizes risk of CME post cataract surgery. Rapidly penetrates cornea minimizes adverse events of ocular surface.   PRODRUG SAFETY: Prodrug property ensure more drug at site of action Improved tolerability TID dosage - improved compliance   PRESENTATION: 5 ml. Vial.


Prevention of CME Provides enhanced intra ocular penetration Effectively controls Inflammation & Pain Associated with Cataract Surgery. Effective and safe in the treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Plays an important role in the long term management of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) Safe in Long Term Use, for more than 1 year.   Rx IN: Ocular Inflammation &…


A to Z solution for Inflammation Problems   IKET: Reduces Ocular Itch Faster. The most common cause of unexplained vision loss. Better option than steroids and other NSAID   IN MANAGEMENT OF: Post operative inflammation CME Seasonal & Allergic Conjunctivitis